St George’s is an Anglican Church within the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe. Our Diocesan Bishop is the Lord Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe who shares his responsibilities with the Suffragan Bishop in Europe.

St George’s is a Pilgrimage Church for the many thousands of people who visit the World War One sites of the Ypres Salient Battlefields.  There is a small resident congregation who live in Ypres and surrounding area of Belgium and Lille(Northern France).


We welcome tourists, pilgrims, school students, veterans’ organisations from many countries, churches and world faiths.

Here we offer Christian Worship and prayer in the Anglican tradition; to “be still in the presence of the Lord” in a place filled with Memorials of stained glass, brass and stone to those who fought for peace and justice, who gave their lives for their country in Two World Wars and conflicts since.

We minister to the British Community, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. To all who enter our church.

We listen to those in need, those who mourn, those who seek knowledge of their ancestors.

We pray for the faithful and those whose faith is known only to God.

We give Christian burial to the recovered remains of soldiers of the Great War (1914-1918) some known, some known only to God.

We are committed to ecumenical partnerships, working together with our fellow Christians towards the hope of Christian Unity.

St George’s is a house of God. A place of Remembrance. A Holy Place.